Mission Ministry

The Acts 1:8 Strategy

2016:  Serving Our Jerusalem (A Year Here)
2017:  Serving Our Judea and Samaria (A Year There)
2018:  Serving to the Ends of the Earth (A Year Everywhere)

2018 Mission Trips
Anchorage, Alaska: February 12-17

Houston, TX (Builders): May 27-June 2
Ecuador: June 8-15
Cherokee, NC: June 30- July 6
Beaufort, SC (Builders for Christ): July 15-20

2018 Mission Trip list
Click HERE for booklet
  • Anchorage, Alaska
  • Houston, Texas (Builders)
  • Ecuador
  • Cherokee, North Carolina
  • Beaufort, South Carolina (Builders)

Contact:  Kristy Myers


 Local Missions

Serve in our community through organizations such as Christian Ministries or Community Soup Bowl, and within our church with Sweet Dreams Ministry, Second-Hand Rose, etc.


Prayer Net

Join us in praying for our community, for the teams serving here and in other places, and for the wonderful people we meet along the way.


Join a Team

We are all called to serve. If you are led to be a part of a short-term mission team, click here to learn more.