The 721 Project

The 721 Project is a plan for funding construction projects that will update the study, training and worship facilities for all attendees of First Baptist Church, Tuscaloosa. The 721 Project is different from other capital campaigns in that the funds for each project will be received prior to the start of the project. Therefore First Baptist Church will not incur any additional debt. The ultimate reason for The 721 Project is so that First Baptist will be considered the physical cornerstone by the entire church congregation from which they may go out as disciples of Christ to the city and the nations. This will be accomplished through encouraging and subsequently receiving monetary contributions, designated for upgrading the facilities and grounds of the church, from First Baptist Church members and friends.

These Projects are Complete!
  • Parking Lot shuttle
  • Elevator at 7th Street Entrance
  • Sanctuary Foyer Bathroom
  • TV and Media Ministry Equipment
Giving now directed toward the Next Phase
  • Family Ministry Building Interior Redesign
  • New West Entrance to Family Ministry Building
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Total Gifts to The 721 Project: $876,040.94 (as of 01/06/2019)
Amount On-Hand for next Phase: TBA

Facility improvements and upgrades include:
  • Elevator – north side, Main Building (complete!)
  • Additional entrance – west side, Family Ministry Building
  • Family Ministry Building Renovation
  • Restroom located off the Sanctuary Foyer (complete!)
  • Remodel restrooms below the Sanctuary
  • TV Ministry equipment upgrades (complete!)
  • Digital Microphone purchase (complete!)
  • Golf Cart for Parking Ministry (complete!)
  • Outdoor Playground – west side, Family Ministry Building